Books and Catalogues

Night Drawings and Day Paintings: exhibition catalogue

Lime Magic: exhibition catalogue

'2018 Archibald Prize', exhibition catalogue, Art Gallery of New South Wales, 2018, ISBN 9781741741391

Steven Miller, ‘Dogs in Australian Art’, Wakefield Press, 2012, ISBN 9781743050170, pp 80-81

Joe Frost, ‘Stephanie Monteith’, exhibition catalogue, 2010

Selected Website Listings

Frost, Joe, ‘David Horton, Dale Miles, Stephanie Monteith' - Artist Profile magazine exhibition review

Stephanie Monteith, Accidental Archibald Prize Finalist by Katrina Holden

Art Gallery of New South Wales Archibald Prize 2018

Art Gallery of New South Wales Wynne Prize 2018

Art Gallery of New South Wales Sir John Sulman Prize 2011

Articles and Reviews

Andy Gordon, "Getting it Down: podcast capturing the spark, conversations with creative people about creativity", Episode 3: Stephanie Monteith - Visual Artist

Katrina Holden, 'Accidentally Archibald', True Blue Magazine, Aug/Sep 2018 issue, pages 60-62,

Christopher Allen, 'Welcome to our artistic diversity', The Australian, Fri May 4, 2018